Bambi Artwork

Inspired Design


Bambi (1942) was a true challenge for Disney animators to depict a realistic natural world. Innovations like the multi-plan camera helped create the depth necessary to perfect the look of Bambi’s forest. This design is inspired by that success, with glass beads adding dimension and the realistic sparkle of falling snow as it adorns the branches of wind-blown trees.

Winterscape with Glass Beads on Teal (WS8032) from Walt Disney Signature Inspired By Classic Films, $139.99 per single roll; or 1-800-375-9675.

Also available with Glass Beads on Cream (WS8033); Glass Beads on Gold (WS8034); Glass Beads on Glint (WS8035); Glass Beads on Silver (WS8036); and Glass Beads and Silver Glitter on Light Silver (WS8037).