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Investor Relations

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  After operation of just about 4 months, we were officially listed on NEEQ on 4 December 2015 (stock code: 834495). It was a new start of our “Business Development+Capital-Driven” development. Since then, we stepped into the gate of capital market. We will focus on market development and positioning services of high-end customers for high-grade potato starch, continuously extend industry development linkages, innovate our business modes, and boost industrial upgrading. Using the opportunities from the low industrial concentration of potato starch industry, we will take full advantage of the capital leverage for merger & acquisition, leasing and OEM services, actively expand our output and market share, and take a lead in the production and application of domestic superior potato starch products. Besides, we will proactively concentrate on key field of “Internet+ Business Segment”, fully promote corporate business transformation, develop deep-processing add-values of starch products and circular economy products and extend industry chain and value chain, so as to realize company’s stable, rapid and sustainable development.

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