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Address from Chairman


Potato industry is an emerging and sunrise industry that is suitable for Chinese situation.With a strong ability against natural disaster, excellent high and stable yields, richnutrition, and good food as grain and vegetable, potato is one of the four food grains in the world.Besides, it is an important part in our country’s staple food grain strategy, grain security and food safety strategies.

Asa pioneering and leading enterprise inChina’smodern potato processing industry, Huaou Corporation has a long development history for over 25 years.Our corporate tenets are“Develop Potato Industry to Benefit the Country and People”, and“Make Continuous Improvement and Make it Better to Create a Potato Starch High-end Brand Influence and Excellent Quality Superiority and Sincere Service Credibility.” to make a contribution to boosting the development of China’s potato industry with a rapid, healthy and sustainable pace and to obtain social honors andindustry praises.

Potato is the fourth staple grain in China. Under the favorable policies supports of our country’s staple grains strategies,potato processing industry will certainly have new opportunities.Relying on standing brand influence, high-end quality and sincere service, we will focus on market development and positioning services of high-end customers for high-grade potato starch, establish complete sales network, innovate business modes, propel industrial upgrading and actively expand market share to lead the production and application of China’s high-grade potato starch products.We will continue boosting raw material base construction to realize large-scale, mechanization, irrigation, improved varieties and plant protection effects and strengthen benefit share mechanism with potato farmers.Besides, we will proactively concentrate on key field of“Internet+ Business Segment”.We will fully promote corporate businesstransformation, develop deep-processing add-values of starch products and circular economy products and extend industry chain and value chain, so as to provide customers with excellent services and realize company’s stable, rapid and sustainable development, and return the shareholders and investors with providing outstanding achievements and return all friends who always help and support us.

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