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  Enjoying the reputation of “the longest standing brand and the highest quality” in the same industry in China, Huaou potato starch has the following advantages:
  1. Macromolecular granules with high degree of polymerization.
  2. High viscosity and excellent viscoelasticity.
  3. High puffing degree that is 5~10 times higher than other starch.
  4. Excellent water absorption and retention capacities that is 3~5 times higher than other starch.
  5. Excellent transparency and film-forming properties.
  6. Low gelatinization point, energy-saving and not destroy nutrient content.
  7. Low protein, low fat and no impact on taste.
  8. With natural phosphate group and few gel phenomenon and aging.

  9. Pure physical process for potato starch processing, without any additives.

  10. Complete sets of Swedish advanced quality control and product test equipments, technologies and techniques.

  Our “Huaou Brand” superior leading products potato starches have such different specifications as 25kg, 10kg, 5kg and 400 g. The quality of the products is superior to European quality standards. Because the potato starch has its unique trait and function to which other kinds of starches can’t compare, it becomes the first-choice additive of most famous brands of foods internationally. With the features of high purity, high viscosity, high transparency, low gelatinization point, high degree of polymerization, low protein, low far residue, low acidity, excellent film-forming property and anti-precipitability, the product, as a high-end food material, is widely applied in the industrial fields related to food, medicine, petrochemical engineering, papermaking, spinning, feedstuff, fermentation, casting and building materials, etc. As food additive and auxiliary, it is widely used as emulsifier, thickener, water-retaining agent, syrup-wrapping agent, swelling agent, excipient, disintegrant, smears, sizing agent and adhesive, etc.

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